Everything explained in English

My love to sew started when I discovered that it wasn't so difficult to sew a simple cushion with just straight seams. To fill these cushions with dried cherry stones, put them in the microwave to heat them up nicely and have never cold feet again (or an aching tummy) was better. Giving them away as a really special present to a friend made sewing even more attractive. And when I then found out, that "writing" the name or "I love you" onto the cushion, wasn't too tricky as well, it was like the icing on the cake. Mostly all my friends got in the meantime a cherry stone cushion with their name on it of me - and I know they like it! Here is the gallery to have a look!
At some point I got a bit bored and searched for new challenges. Which I found in sewing in lots of other different pieces.

To be continued...! Sorry, I'm still in progress of designing the english translation!